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Not sure what type of banner you need? Here are some differences between Indoor & Outdoor:

  1. Indoor Banners are meant primarily for indoor usage, but can be used outdoor for 1 month or so. The only problem is color fading. Even if the banner is used indoor and there is direct sunlight on it there will be chances of fading.
  2. Outdoor Banners are meant primarily for outdoor usage. These banners last a long time outside from a minimum of 6 months to at least a year. These are printed on heavy scrim vinyl banner material.
  3. Both types of banners are tear & water resistant. You can easily fold them and keep them for later usage.
  4. If you need a banner for a short term usage (indoor or outdoor), a special event and want to be economical then we recommend going with the Indoor Banner.
  5. On the other hand if you need a banner which is going to be used over and over again, let's say for a special offer banner which repeats every year, then we would recommend going for a outdoor banner (even if the banners are going to be used indoor only). Simply because the outdoor banner material is twice as thicker and stronger than the indoor material.
  6. Both the banner materials can be rolled up and put into a shipping tube for storage or shipping.

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